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Nuisance Claims in Los Angeles

Handling a Nuisance Claim with Proper Legal Guidance

In landlord-tenant law, a "nuisance" is more than just an annoying individual. It is a legal concept that can provide grounds for a lawsuit. In essence, a nuisance occurs when someone unlawfully or unreasonably interferes with your right to enjoy your property. This right is referred to as the right of "quiet enjoyment." If the activity of another interferes with this right, that activity can be considered an illegal nuisance, and the tenant can take legal action to stop it.

There are situations in which a tenant and landlord or neighbor have a combative relationship with one another. This can happen for many reasons. One of the ways in which landlords or neighbors can attempt to gain the upper hand in such a situation is to file a nuisance claim against you, even if there are no grounds for the claim. This may result in you being evicted. If you feel that you have had a false nuisance claim filed against you by a landlord, neighbor, or homeowner's association, you should defend the lawsuit in order to protect your home. A Los Angeles tenants' rights attorney can assist you in taking action, and may be able to help you achieve a successful result in your case.

Los Angeles Tenants' Rights Attorneys

At the law offices of Campbell and Farahani, LLP, we represent individuals who have had their renters' rights undermined by landlords, neighbors, homeowner's associations, and mobile home park managers. Our focus is on individual people, not landlords or large businesses. If you feel that your rights as a renter have been violated after receiving a nuisance claim, we are available to provide you with legal representation that is intended to bring about a favorable outcome to your lawsuit.

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