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Mobile Home and Trailer Park Litigation in California

Tenants' Rights Attorneys in Los Angeles

There are many examples of illegal acts by mobile home park managers against the tenants who live there. These include:

  • Harassing tenants in order to get them to comply with an illegal order or request
  • Illegally evicting tenants
  • Banning tenants or forcing them to move without a reason
  • Unfairly charging tenants "extra person fees" for allowing their children or parents to live with them
  • Unfairly banning the friends or relatives of a tenant from the park

At the law offices of Campbell and Farahani, LLP, we have witnessed many instances of mobile home park companies ignoring California law and violating the rights of their tenants. In these situations, the tenants are frequently left believing that they have little in the way of legal options. These tenants do have options, however, in the form of legal action against the company or individuals responsible. Our firm provides representation to these victims, and we are available to immediately assist you if you have experienced a similar situation. Contact a Los Angeles tenants' rights attorney at our firm who will fight for a resolution that is favorable to you.

Why hire a tenants' rights attorney?

The state laws that address mobile homes and mobile home parks are found in the Mobile Home Residency Law (MRL). This law contains a long list of statutes that were primarily designed to prevent abuses against the residents of such parks. However, these statutes are so complicated that it can be difficult for a layperson to understand them. A tenant seeking justice against an unethical mobile home park manager will have a much smaller chance of success if he or she attempts to take legal action alone. An experienced tenants' rights attorney who is familiar with the MRL can improve the likelihood of a positive result in one's case.

If you are a tenant of a mobile home park and feel that your rights have been abused by the park manager or owner, contact a Los Angeles tenants' rights lawyer today.

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