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Exposure to Lead Paint: Los Angeles Tenants' Rights Lawyer

Are you being exposed to lead paint in your home?

Being exposed to lead paint imposes many health risks for you and your loved ones. It is the landlord's responsibility to alert you to any lead paint in the home or apartment you are renting, and have this unhealthy and dangerous paint removed. If you are being exposed to lead paint then you must contact a Los Angeles tenants' rights attorney to protect your tenants' rights. At Campbell and Farahani, LLP we are listed as Avvo Clients' Choice for 2013, and we have an Avvo rating of 10.0. We have an extensive history of success in filing claims against negligent landlords, and getting justice for tenants who have been endangered by unhealthy conditions in a rented or leased home, apartment or condo.

Lead paint is most commonly found in structures built before 1978. Children are at high risk as they can eat pieces of flaking paint. Children can develop brain damage, neurological impairments, learning disabilities, and delayed mental and physical development. The health risks for both children and adults are muscle and joint pain and impairment, the development of anemia, reduced kidney function, nerve and brain damage, seizures, coma, and death. The risks for pregnant women exposed to lead paint are the abnormal development of fetuses, miscarriages, and stillbirth.

Protecting Yourself Against Exposure to Lead Paint in a Rental Property

Contact a Los Angeles tenants' rights attorney today for assistance if you or your family have been living in a home or apartment that has lead paint. Your landlord is responsible for providing a safe environment for tenants. Our firm can take legal action to recover compensation for any injuries caused by owner's negligence. We can help you get financial compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, emotional distress you have experienced, loss of income, or for repair and remediation costs. Contact us today and we will help you protect your rights and health by filing a legal action against your landlord if you have suffered health problems due to exposure to lead paint.

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