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Eviction and Your Rights as a Tenant

Receiving a notice to vacate or a notice to pay rent or quit can be a shocking and emotionally upsetting experience. It is important to know, however, that these notices do not always comply with the law, and you may have defenses to an eviction action of which you are unaware. Landlords may try to scare you into moving so that you do not put up a fight, which is why it is important to be aware of your rights and the eviction process as a whole. A few things that you should be aware of are:

  • The landlord is not allowed to lock you out in order to get you out.
  • The landlord cannotturn off the utilities or remove doors or windows on the property.
  • Both of these are prohibited under Civil Code 789.3, and if this occurs, the landlord may be liable to you for actual costs, emotional distress, as well as $100 per day for each day that he or she allows these conditions to exist.
  • The landlord is not allowed to have you arrested for overstaying your welcome. Law enforcement can serve you eviction papers but everything else must be determined in court.
  • The landlord cannot barge into the property and do construction to make it impossible to reside there.
  • This is prohibited under Civil Code 1940.2 and the landlord may be liable for $2000 for this attempt to force you out of the property.
  • The landlord cannot threaten to call the immigration authorities or any other law enforcement agency in an attempt to remove you from the property.

Do not let landlords attempt to scare you into moving out. You have rights as a tenant and need to make sure that they are defended by experienced legal counsel, the eviction lawyers at Campbell & Farahani, LLP. It is important to address the matter correctly in order to protect yourself from liability and achieve a successful outcome to your situation. Consult with a Los Angeles tenants' rights attorney who can fight to defend and defeat your eviction lawsuit.

Depending on your circumstances, you may have a solid defense that prevents you from having to leave your home. If you are disabled, the property is uninhabitable, or your landlord has refused to fix problems given due notification or after being ordered to do so by the government, you may be protected from eviction. If you live in a city that has a rent control ordinance, your landlord cannot evict you without good cause. If you are told that your landlord is evicting you to allow for an owner or manager to move in, and this does not occur within the period specified by law, this amounts to a fraudulent eviction. You also have recourse under the law in those cases. The eviction process in Los Angeles is complex, so it is vital to hire an experienced attorney from our firm who can help present a strong defense for you.

Help with Eviction & Lock-Out Cases in Los Angeles

When addressing cases involving evictions and lock-outs, we at the law offices of Campbell and Farahani, LLP, exclusively represent the tenant, never the landlord or management company. The familiarity we have developed in this area allows us to take a strategic approach to each case. Our firm also represents tenants who have been victims of unjust lock-outs. If your landlord has locked you out of your home or business without a court order, he or she is most likely acting in violation of the law. Talk to us about what we can do to help.

Contact a Los Angeles eviction attorney if you have received an eviction notice or been locked out of your home or business.

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